Which lessons are best for my family?


  • For fun
  • Personal enrichment
  • Exploring the interest and skill
    of young children
  • Preparation for College
  • Preparation for County, regional, state, and national competitions and festivals 
  • Professional musicians working on specific techniques or theories
  • To network with other music students interested in starting bands
  • Playing at Church, preparation to participate in worship services
  • To work on particular aspects of technique and performance
  • Hobbies for retirees
  • Rehabilitation for cognitive, emotional, and developmental disabilities


  • Once weekly private lessons for all instruments including voice, to students of all ages and skill levels. Anyone can enroll! Lessons are inexpensive and members of GMA’s teaching staff are hand selected as the most experienced in their field. 

  • For many people in the region, music lessons at GMA are part of an already busy schedule mixed with sports and academics, dance and martial arts. For those students who are passionate about music, but rarely have time for formal lessons, our "ala carte"classes are designed to offer specialty "one-time-only" music lessons in a variety of styles, disciplines, techniques, and genres.  
  • For students looking for weekly lessons but are unable to commit to a particular day and time, we offer "floater" lessons and Skype lessons to accommodate the most busy of schedules.  Contact each week can be made and the student can select from times available.  This provides budding musicians flexibility.
  • All private lessons are $28 per half hour and there is a one time per family enrollment fee of $35 that covers your entire family for a lifetime.

Other courses camps and programs range in length and price.

Private music lessons are structured, or unstructured, to meet the needs of the individual student. There are core fundamentals that each student will learn; however, the content is adapted based on the persons learning style and skill level. Students at GMA develop their physical ability and theoretical knowledge together.

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