The front office at GMA

We live our core values each day! 
Those who work at GMA are
Positive - Active - Knowledgeable - Dependable

A positive attitude is contagious and creates inspiring workplaces and classrooms.  We want our families to remember their experiences at GMA with fondness.

Teachers and staff at GMA are active in the community.  We are proud when our families notice that a teacher or administrator has been quoted in the paper or is being talked about on facebook for a performance or charity work

Being knowledgeable is the key to our success.  Our teachers combined experiences makes us much sought after experts in music and business. 

GMA staff being dependable allows your family to rely on us for consistent scheduling.  

We are not just offering music services.  

We are building relationships with each and every one of our families.  

                                          "Affordable rates and flexible scheduling 

allow us to accommodate the busiest of schedules."

Krista Garrett

By streamlining the collection of payments, the scheduling of lessons, and maximizing efficiency we can meet the scheduling demands of the busy working family.

Requesting services by phone or email can lead to on the spot enrollment.  However, there are no long term contracts or "rules".  You can come and go as your schedule permits. 

"The classrooms at GMA are equipped with the same tools and resources 

one would find in the music department of any reputable University."

Devin Owens


The Garrett Music Academy is run by experienced individuals who possess passion, musical acumen, and a desire to develop administratively to adapt to the changing needs of our families.

    • Krista Garrett, M.S.- CEO, Dean of Students
    • Devin Owens - Day shift manager, office administrator
    • Jacob Wolff - office administrator