Sound Engineering and Production

New Semester begins this Saturday February ninth! The next semester after will begin the first Saturday in May. 

"Everyone seems to to want to produce nowadays.  If you are interested in recording music, you cannot afford to miss this class at GMA" - Charles Harris, Sixes Production (Charles' credits include lil Kim, P-Diddy, Dennis Rodman and Wil-e).

    • Mics and Mic placement
    • Acoustics and Principles of Sound
    • Using Pro-Tools and other industry standard software
    • Apply digital multi-track recording to any genre

HANDS ON - Students will record actual bands!

"This class is a perfect balance of actually applying techniques and understanding sound theory.  I went from the program at GMA to top of my class at Omega."

Taught by Devin Owens, a graduate of Sheffield Institute for Recording Arts with a degree in Audio Engineering, class is held on Saturdays.
Cost:  $150 for 12 weeks
Required Text: Modern Recording Techniques