Reeds, Valve Oil, Rosin, Guitar Picks and Strings, Various Cleaning Kits, Books and more!

We are always stocked up on the needs of our local school band and orchestra programs.

The four key supplies you need to be successful as a music student!
Disclaimer: there were no instruments harmed during the production of this video. These are examples of what can happen. Do not try this at home! #GarrettMusicAcademy, #musicmakesadifference.

We also have a small collection of guitars, amps, and recording gear for aspiring musicians and producers. We can special order many items as well.  Please contact us for more information!


Guitar Restring

$20 for labor and between $10-$20 for strings


Strings, Woodwind, Brass

Will provide estimate upon request


Other Repairs

Call 410-286-5505 for information!