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I’ve Been Hearing A Catchphrase Lately…

What's Your Why?

Why do you do what you do? Why do you play music? Why do you teach? Why do you practice? What motivates you to work towards that goal, dream, desire? What objectives do you want to accomplish by stepping out of your comfort zone - the little bubble you have constructed that has become your routine?

We All Have The Motivation To Reach Our Goals...

Goals depend on a person’s interest and commitment. But what is motivation, really? It is developing and showing your authentic self that is shared with others.

What Do I Mean?

As we begin our process of life, we are a blank slate and with learning and experience, changes to our environment, we grow into what I believe are two versions of ourselves. Our public persona and our original version of self. We use our public persona at work, in social settings, saving our original sense of self only for our private reflective time. Creativity in its many forms, in my opinion, breaks down the distinction we draw between the two selves and we have the ability to share our most vulnerable true side with others.

"Music Makes Your Soul Vulnerable"

Music brings out emotions, thoughts, memories in ways other stimuli in our environment do not. In music, it takes many forms: to learn a piece, understand a theory concept, improve technique and performance. But, what is behind that motivation? Think about it. Is it a passion for learning? Is it a passion to play and perform? Is it a tool to improve memory and muscle coordination? Is it part of your “list of things you always wanted to do and now you can or are you afraid to try based on age, ability, past experiences”?

Music can soothe physical and emotional hurt in ways no other method can.

I can't began to tell you how grateful I am for Garrett Music Academy. My son has autism and one of the therapeutic things they recommend is drums. After looking up so many other different types of the therapies that cost thousands of dollars, I finally call them. That's when My son got to meet Mr. Devin. He has truly been a blessing to us and patient as can be. Some days my son has very bad days so Mr. Devin rolls with it. Other days he has great days and he challenges him. I can go on and on!!!! Absolutely love them and am blessed to have them around! ~ A. Bowen

So What Is My WHY?

  • I want to make a difference through music.

  • I want to leave an imprint on someone’s soul that repairs damage words inflicted.

  • I want to be a catalyst and encourage neural growth in a person that has been affected by a stroke, dementia, depression or neglect.

  • I want to see the faces of students light up when they play the right note, master a difficult phrase, get the lead role or first chair.

  • I want to leave a legacy of giving that my children can continue when I’m gone that encourages others to share respect, acceptance, and love.

Garrett Music Academy truly cares for their students and go the extra mile to provide personalized instruction. They are committed to continuously expanding their knowledge and working hard to give their students the best possible musical education. The care that they put into every lesson ensures that you are in good hands. They are anything but boring and it’s well worth the time to explore music lessons through their school. Highly recommend!!! ~ E. Quiles

So, What's Your Motivation?

If you are moved by my blog, please comment below or email me with your story. If you would like to see how much music can change your quality of life and perspective, call us at (410) 286-5505 or email info@garrettmusicacademy and we will start the journey with you.

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