• Krista Garrett

What do you do when you don’t know what to do?

I had a conversation the other day that made me rethink about the power of music and how little is known about its versatility among the general public.  Music is viewed as a form of entertainment, an art form, and/or an educational tool. These are all real ways music has been used through the ages. However, as social standards, family structures, relationships, and other environmental factors (i.e. Time) changes, along with holiday expectations and engagements, we are all looking for the magic solution to improve self care.  Well, I’m here to tell you that when you incorporate elements of music into dealing with depression, anxiety, self esteem, anger, rage, grief and self control, the results can be surprising. When used as a tool with other elements, the impact music can have is amazing.

Do you or someone you love encounter bouts of depression, anger, sadness or anxiety?  In this day and age, who doesn’t but it is all in how we deal with it separates us. While there is no magic solution or instant gratification, there is work you can do, using music that can improve your quality of life.  Close your eyes...well, briefly since you are reading this. What do you do when you are sad, depressed or anxious? How does your body react? Do you know what to do to take action to address the issue or do you shut down or act out in response to a trigger?  Do you have a toolbox or strategies that allow you to separate, take a deep breath and change your emotions, mindset, and thoughts?  

Here are some things  you can do to release what you are feeling.


  1. Grab a piece of paper, or maybe more than one.  In fact, grab a journal if you have one. If you don’t have one, here’s one that I suggest - the Best Journal Ever by Jennifer Dawn of Best Planner Ever.

  2. Now, find a comfortable place to sit that will allow your body to relax as you work.  Get settled in and turn on some classical music. Take a series of deep breaths to clear the way to focus.   

  3. Now, write how you are feeling, just write anything that comes to mind like a stream of consciousness.  Do not censor what you are putting on paper. Remember, this is for you and you only. Use this opportunity to state what is upsetting you, what are the situations, people, places that trigger these feelings?  How does music influence your state of mind? Are you finding that the more you write, the more soothing the music you are exposed to, that there is a positive impact on your feelings of stress, anxiety, anger?  Do you feel them draining away? Are you feeling calmer?  

Create “Art”

Don’t want to write?  There are other ways to express your feelings and thoughts.  Grab pens, colored pencils, chalk, crayons (Yes, even adults can use crayons, too, so no judgment here) and draw, doodle, color a pattern based on your emotions and how the music is affecting those emotions.   This is perfect for children who are upset but unable to articulate specifically what is on their mind. This gives options for an individual to make choices or make the decision to combine both mediums to create the complex texture, colors and shades of the sounds, perspective, life of a person and their thoughts in their way.  


Now the final step...what do you do after you have flushed out the good, the bad and the ugly?  Well, there are different methods of “eliminating” the negative thoughts and beliefs. Some people choose to tear the paper up and throw it in the trash or flush it down the toilet.  Others have used a pot of boiling water to dissolve the paper. The final option, which tends to be the most popular is to burn the paper in a controlled environment. The flames, smoke and quick disintegration of the paper are all concrete, tangible ways to see the negative disappear.  The method of disposal is up to you, the only suggestion I can make is to pick the method that will allow you to release what you have been holding onto while taking deep breaths and continuing to listen to music that creates a calm, soothing environment. This is all about you. Embrace the moment and know that you are in complete control.

Don’t want to discard your writings?  Keep them and turn them into songs! Thoughts can become powerful lyrics and once set to music, those words can be cathartic.  If you wish to see if this is an option for you, call us (410) 286-5505 or email me at and we can discuss the options of creating your own composition!


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